Valentines Day Sweetheart Set

January 30, 2015 2 Comments

We’re excited to announce a sweet, new gift set for your sweetheart in plenty of time for Valentine’s Day. This set comes with a flirty kitchen towel and our bestselling trifecta, which includes a flat sauté, a scraper, and a spreader.

With a choice between two double-entendres you can drop a hint without implying that your sweetheart should be spending more time in the kitchen. (the photo shows both sayings)

 See the product page HERE.

The details:

The towel measures 20X28 inches and comes with a twill tape loop for hanging. It’s thick, all cotton, and sewn to withstand washing after washing. The towel comes in your choice of a pink micro dot pattern or a light gray stripe, which match the pink or gray appliquéd hearts. The flirty sayings are screen printed on the fabric, which is machine stitched to the towel.  

You choose the saying:

                Spoon this chick

                I want to get crème fraîche with you

Choices, choices! The trifecta, which comes with the towel, also comes in a choice of wood combinations:

                Ebony, jatoba, bloodwood

                Jatoba, ebony, maple

                Bloodwood, maple, ebony

This fun Valentine’s Day gift pairing is the first in a series of seasonal and exclusive collaborations between Earlywood and our friends at Geo. Nici, owner and designer at Geo, and I met in Red Lodge in the mid 90s and spent many a day together fishing, running and skiing in the Beartooth Mountains. Nici now lives in Missoula with her family, and it’s been fun to see how our lives as independent, creative professionals seem to mirror each other. You can get to know Nici through her blog,, and find more of her work at

Now, go to the website and pick up this Valentine’s Day gift set before you find yourself buying a stale box of chocolates at the last minute!

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April 13, 2015

I’m a latecomer to your website and am thrilled to have found it. If I may be so forward as to make a suggestion – perhaps you could have left the product page up with a clear, bold, centered headline of “limited edition, no longer available” or something similar? It’s no fun to click a link and find “page not found”. Of course it’s no fun to find something you like is no longer available, either, but IMHO I’d rather see the product info and have it not be available than the sad “not found” missive.

I’m also a bit of a completist…I think if it doesn’t require much server space (aka money) it’s nice to leave things up for reference. But I also suffer from OCPD so that may be part of it ;)

In any case – it looks like it was a lovely set!


January 31, 2015

Hi Brad, a sweetheart set, indeed! So cool to see you and Nici teaming up with a VERY creative offer!

Can’t wait for Terri to have more deluxe Earlywood utensils to keep the good food coming!


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