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Earlywood: thinking big and going small with new products

July 31, 2014 0 Comments

Have you noticed that some of the most simple kitchen tasks can easily become more of a project than necessary? Take for instance, slicing a lemon for tea or quartering a lime for a quick cocktail. Without a cutting board you risk nicking your counter or dulling your knife. Pull out that big cutting board and you’ve got something that’s going to fill your sink and add to your washing duties. 
We’ve been there, and Earlywood has the solution: the new mini chechen cutting board set
Lightweight, thin, and measuring 4X6 inches, these cutting boards are perfect for those quick prep jobs. Ultra portable, they’re perfect for picnics, and beautiful enough for serving small bites of meats, cheeses, fruit and bread. We like to serve a selection of cheeses on these little boards using our four-piece small spreader set. Made of ironwood, the strongest of woods, these little cutting boards can also stand in for a trivet under hot dishes.
Another handy little item added to our lineup is the new coffee/dry goods scoop.
It measures a three tablespoon portion, and is small enough to keep in your coffee canister. We were thinking of coffee when we designed this scoop, but now, we find that we are using it for granola, sugar, flour, and, well, most everything in the pantry. It’s available in jatoba and hard maple. You’ll want to add at least a couple to your collection!

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