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notes from Brad

November 29, 2015 0 Comments

the collaborations

Last time, I mentioned that we were in the process of a few collaborations with some great food bloggers. Well, now we're right in the middle of a few of them and I would like to point out one in particular. One of my favorite food bloggers of all is Clotilde Dusoulier who runs the blog Chocolate and Zucchini. Clotilde lives in Paris, but despite the distance we have become good friends in a way that this modern age of internet can facilitate. She is great to work with, great to e-mail with, and she is an inspiring cook and foodie. She recently interviewed me for a blog post on her site. We cover all kinds of Earlywood related info (business and personal)! Follow this LINK to check out the interview and while you're at it, send some good thoughts her way as the recent attacks in Paris were very close to her and her family.
the details

Last time, I covered all of the little details and "secret weapons" that go into the new mini cutting board sets. This time, I am going to drop a little knowledge on the new tasting spoons. There was less "enginerding" involved in the design of the tasting spoons than there was for the mini cutting boards and as a result, there's fewer "secret weapons". They fall into line with the other spoons I make; 1 solid piece of wood, made the same way, no glue etc, but these are different.

I usually strive for an equal balance of engineering and art so that the utensils I make are not only beautiful, but super functional. This time, I sat down with the goal of making something that was fun to use! After stocking my kitchen with these a number of months ago, I can say... mission accomplished. 

It turns out that they are super fun to eat a bowl of ice cream, cereal or applesauce with. They also look SO GOOD on your counter in a glass jar. OK, I admit... they are not all fun and games; they are super useful too. They are great for stirring, tasting, getting to the bottom of jars or blenders, and even sauteing.They are also a great way to serve nuts and other snacks this holiday. They are simple, they are fun, and... they fit in stockings!

the giveaways
One way to enter the last giveaway was for you to tell me what kind of utensil you would like to see me release next. Here are your top 10. You will definitely see some of these released next year! (number of votes in parentheses)

#1 - wooden bowls (40)
#2 - larger cutting boards (34)
#3 - salad servers (31)
#4 - bigger soup ladle (19)
#5 - tongs (18)
#6 - large flipper (16)
#7 - slotted spoon (16)
#8 - rolling pins (16)
#9 - measuring cups (12)
#10 - pizza peels (11)

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