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2016 Holiday Gift Guide

November 15, 2016 0 Comments

Wooden Utensil Gift Guide

Whether you’re shopping for your sister who quotes Julia Child and owns well-thumbed copies every cookbook the grande dame wrote, or for a recent grad who’s barely mastered macaroni and cheese—from a box—our gift guide will help you find the right Earlywood tool for all of the important people in your life:


For the newlyweds:

Tasting spoons, $18 or 4 for $68

For food lovers, not much is more romantic than cooking together. Our beautiful tasting spoon is the perfect tool for placing smidgen of that French sauce or crema you just made onto the tongue of your true love.


For the cheese lover:

Small spreader set , $24

Mini cutting boards—set of 4, $32

Durable and elegant, our mini cutting boards work beautifully for serving your favorite cheeses. Our small spreaders are ideal for cutting and spreading chèvre, Stilton and other soft cheeses. They will even look wonderful serving your great aunt's holiday cheese balls this Christmas!


For the new homeowner:

The trifecta, $32

We could have put the Trifecta under every category in this gift guide, because it's that great! The trifecta offers three of our best-selling wooden utensils—the incredibly versatile l flat sauté, our super useful Tera scraper, and our favorite spreader—all in one set. A great housewarming gift, this starter pack is just what they need! 


For the hostess:

Our serving spoons, $28-$54

Those who love to entertain love our serving spoons—classic, elegant tools that add beauty and function to any table. With its 3.2” wide bowl, the long server ladles a helping big enough to satiate any appetite. A wonderful companion to the long server is, naturally, its shorter cousin, the short server. If you really want to take your holiday serving to the next level... there's the Medium Classic Ladle!


For the chef:

JEM-stripe cutting board, $46-$120

If there’s one thing in our stock that will wow the chef in your life, it’s our JEM-stripe cutting board. From wood type to grain orientation, glue type to joint prep, clamping pressure to clamping time, we labored over every manufacturing detail to produce a board that would be light, durable and beautiful. Available in four sizes to fit any kitchen and any budget. Americas Test Kitchen doesn't even bother reviewing cutting boards smaller than 15" x 20" so... the bigger the better!


For the man's man:

Tera scraper, $14

I designed the tera scraper for use in cast iron specifically. Give one of these to your man and watch him wield it like a sword in the kitchen or on the barbecue! To keep it manly, may we suggest that you choose Mexican Ebony, our hardest and heaviest wood, which is THREE TIMES harder than hard maple!


For the new baby:

Baby spoon, $12 (or $17 with custom engraving)

Skip the cheap plastic crap this year and give that little baby something that they can pass on to their own kids! The Earlywood baby spoon is the perfect heirloom. The spoon’s bowl holds just the right amount of food for a good bite and the narrow width makes feeding easy and clean. The spoon can be custom engraved in one of three fonts with your favorite little person’s name.


For the kids:

Toddler spoon, $14

With its large, rounded handle, the toddler spoon is easy for little hands to grasp, making it the perfect utensil for babies and toddlers learning to feed themselves. And, as my teens will tell you, bigger kids like to use these spoons too. My daughter even takes hers backpacking. Like our baby spoon, this can be custom engraved in one of three fonts.


For the traditionalist:

Long bread board, $68

Nothing says “old world” like Earlywood’s long bread board. With its full-length taper, which culminates in a thin tip, the board is the perfect tool for pulling a fresh loaf of bread or pizza from the oven. Cut and serve that bread right on the board—it’s such a statement piece, it will only add beauty to your table.


For the coffee aficionado:

Our Wooden Coffee scoop, $28

This elegant little tool holds 3 tablespoons of whatever you want to scoop or serve. Not only will it make short order of measuring your coffee beans or grounds early in the morning, it works just as well as a small ladle in the holiday gravy bowl.


For the apartment dweller:

flat sauté, small, medium or large, $8-$14

Short on space? Short on counter top? Short on drawer space? Are you just short? Well, We can help you with all but the last one! The three utensils in the flat saute set cover 90% of the cooking tasks you do in the kitchen. Store them in a drawer and they take up less space than a whisk! The flat sauté set: a work of art and a triumph in engineering comes in three sizes: small, medium and large.


For the college student:

The large spreader set, $28

College students tend to eat a lot of peanut butter. It’s packed with protein, it’s good for you and it’s cheap. Your favorite collegiate—and three of his or her roommates—will appreciate the utility of our large spreader set for making those endless PBJs.


We hope this helps with your gift giving this year. Thanks for continuing to support this small business and we wish you all a safe and happy holiday season this year!

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