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Limited Edition Brad Leone Favorites

*wood variations exist and your utensils may look different than images. more info here: the woods we use

The Leone and Earlywood story...

In early 2016, Earlywood was over here in Montana minding our own business trying to make it as a small made in the USA company. We heard about this guy named Brad Leone mid-year, and somehow got some product into his hands. By Christmas, Brad had posted an article on about why he loves our large flat sautes. Sales went through the roof, we couldn't keep up, we had to shut down the website to catch up with orders, I worked 16 hour days for about a month! Mid way through the next year we expanded and moved into a new shop. Amongst ourselves, we call the new shop "the house that Brad built"!

When I think of when Earlywood hit the map, it all comes back to Brad Leone and the Large Flat Saute!

If you know of Brad and watch his videos, you know a couple things:

- he's fun, he's funny
- he's whimsical, he's wacky
- he cooks up a storm

Earlywood's tasting spoons are fun, unique, unusual, and functional so it's no surprise that our tasting spoon has become one of Brad's favorites too!

To celebrate all things Leone and all things Earlywood, we are teaming up and offering this limited edition custom engraved set of Brad Leone's favorites! Also available as single flats and single tasters.

Ca'mon bud... ya gotta get one a these.


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