Wood Tongs

Wooden tongs excel at so many of the frustrating little kitchen tasks that seem to have no other solution. They're perfect for rotating brats or brussels or bacon. They are also outstanding for handling foods that don't start with the letter b!  Keep your fingerprints on your fingers and use these tongs to move some bitterballen (b-word) in or out out of hot oil. Any time you need to grab something sizzling, these sleek wooden tongs will help you do it in style and comfort.

Made some bacon wrapped anything for an hors d'ouvres tray? Wood tongs make the perfect serving utensil too!

 At about 13" long, they let you keep your distance and of course, they work with all cookware, non-stick included.


  size: 13.2 x 3.5 x 0.8

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