The Essentials takes our ever popular Trifecta utensil set and kicks it up a notch by adding an additional Large Flat Saute utensil. While this may seem like a minor change, this set of 4 hardwood cooking utensils is more functional (and fun) than it's predecessor! We love using the two wooden spatulas to serve salad, or hold one in each hand to saute like a ninja. We have been using the sautes for a decade now and trust us... one is not enough!   

- 2 Large Flat Sautes (crucial for multi-tasking).
- 1 Tera Scraper (perfect for cast-iron cooking).
- 1 Large Spreader (from cake frosting to peanut butter).
- The ideal starter set of heirloom-quality utensils.

You don't need a silver fork to eat good food, but you do need some Earlywood utensils.

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