Our Philosophy

At Earlywood, we aim to provide our customers with the most attractive and well-engineered wooden kitchen utensils available. With an attention to the smallest details, we are redefining quality in kitchen utensils and hope to exceed our customers’ expectations with every item we make. 

We are driven to innovate in the face of stagnation. Wooden spoons and similar cooking implements have been around since the first time someone ate a meal and didn't use their fingers! That very fact makes our design work so essential. It’s only through creativity and innovation that we can improve upon such a timeless object. We analyze every detail of our designs and our manufacturing process to make sure the final product is not just beautiful, but meets its utmost potential for usefulness.

The wood we've chosen to use in our utensils is the perfect material for our designs. Not only is it beautiful, strong and long-lasting, it is a renewable natural resource. At Earlywood Designs, we are committed to leaving the forests that grow the wood we use in better shape than they were before Earlywood. For every web order we get, we donate to have a tree planted in the Atlantic rain forest of Brazil.

In everything we do, we strive for sustainability, efficiency and beauty.