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Sorted Club Membership Information

-The Sorted Club is a global members’ club, here to help you live the ultimate food lifestyle.

- GET 3 MONTHS’ FREE MEMBERSHIP with purchase of a french rolling pin!

As a member you get access to...


Here you’ve got access to the complete collection of Sorted Club cookbooks at your fingertips, so
you can create a feast for family and friends! Explore different global cuisines to try before you die
with “Bucket List”, or indulge in a bunch of naughty puds with “Desserts in Duvets”. And if one
day you really can’t be arsed to cook, there are 2 books full of “CBA” recipes that’ll help you
hack your way to kitchen glory.


Midweek cooking has never been simpler! Choose from a selection of new Meal Packs every
week, designed to save you time and money and reduce food waste along the way. Just add a
Meal Pack to your library, grab your ingredients from the shops and start cooking up delicious
midweek meals with our stress-free audio kitchen guides!


Discover a city and eat like a real local with the amazing restaurant recommendations we’ve
lined up. Learn a bit more about the dishes before you visit, and get personalized menu
suggestions to help you narrow down your choices. With the help of our members around the
world who have found these hidden gems and approved them for the club, you’ll never worry
about where to eat when you’re traveling again.

- GET 3 MONTHS’ FREE MEMBERSHIP with purchase of a french rolling pin!