JEM Stripe Cutting Board

If there is one item in a heavily used kitchen that is used with almost every meal, it is a cutting board. They are a necessity for nearly any task and, because of their size, they spend a lot of time in plain sight. That's why we designed our JEM Stripe cutting boards to be both bombproof and beautiful at once!

These boards are big, but don't worry about having to call in backup to help you move them from the sink to the counter top. They are highly engineered and we considered every last detail of manufacturing, including wood type, grain orientation, glue type, joint prep, clamping pressure and time to name just a few. This allows us to make solid boards at only 3/4" thick to keep the weight down. This also makes these boards easy to flip when you need to use both sides.

Available in 4 useful sizes to fit any kitchen and budget.

    sizes: varied
    - all sizes 3/4" thick

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