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concrete utensil holder

Our concrete utensil crock will keep your utensils organized, counter clean and drawers organized all while adding a minimalist aesthetic to your home. Display grandma's old, burnt wooden spoons alongside your new Earlywood utensils in this classy cement utensil holder. This utensil caddy compliments farmhouse, modern, industrial and rustic décor and look best chock full of wooden kitchen tools! 

- Made from a concrete/fiber/polymer blend.
- Made in the USA by the best fly-fisherman in the state of MT.
- Non-scratch cork bottom protects surfaces.
- Handwash with hot soapy water (just like your spoons)!
- Sturdy design ensures this versatile piece will stay upright.

size: 4.5 x 4.5 x 7.25 with a 4" diameter hole
Made for Earlywood by Angle33

We make wooden utensils that are too pretty to put in a drawer that's for sure. That's why we sell this concrete utensil holder. It's made by a friend of mine up in northern Montana out of a high strength, low weight concrete so it's fairly light, very strong. It's a perfect gray to match any wooden utensils and look great together. And it is four inches in diameter here and the pocket is about six and a half inches deep so it'll hold a big ladle or a small spreader it'll get you covered there. It will probably hold about 15 utensils maybe a few more depending on what utensils you're talking about. We put a little sealer on the side here something said next your stove and you have a couple splatters on there you're gonna minimize discoloration by having that sealer on there. We also added a cork bottom to it so that it will never scratch your countertop, you can slide it around all you want you don't have to pick it up. So this is the perfect way to display all of your Earlywood utensils. Get yourself one of these set it next to your stove so you can enjoy looking at your Earlywood utensils instead of keeping them in your drawer.

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