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concrete spoon rest

Keep your counters clean and utensil at the ready with our sturdy concrete spoon rest. The smooth, matte finish of this dark gray spoon holder compliments any style of décor including farmhouse, modern, minimalist, industrial, rustic and more. Designed with a wide front and raised back this cement spoon holder allows ample acreage for even your largest ladles while elevating the handle to make it easy to grab any utensil from underneath.

- Dishwasher safe.
- Smooth non-scratch bottom.
- Compliments a variety of decor.

Have a groovy bar in your home? Use this utensil rest to catch drips from stir sticks, muddlers, strainers or pour spouts.

Here's our concrete spoon rest. We sell wooden spoons so what better to go along with a wooden spoon than something to put it on. We worked on the design on this thing to make sure it will hold pretty much any spoon that you can throw at it. This is our biggest ladle right here. And it's still plenty long, it's not going to go flying off the back, or tipping off the side. It has a little dish, to it itself, so if you put a really dirty spoon on there, all your food is going to stay right there. So, it's the perfect design for that. Also, what goes better with natural wood grain than grey concrete. It's a perfect looking combo. This thing is not made out of your grandpa's old concrete. This is some really high-tech stuff. It's lightweight, and it's way stronger than regular concrete. So if you were to drop this thing, it's probably going to be just fine. It's also soaked in mineral oil before we send them out of here. And we do that, so that when you put something acidic on there, maybe some tomato sauce or something like that, that oil is going to repel that water and minimize the stains on here. If you do get a stain on here, with whatever you happen to be cooking, this thing is 100% dishwasher safe. Go ahead and throw it in the dishwasher, wash it with the rest of your pots and pans. And it's going to come out looking close to this again. So pick on of these up, and keep your counter top clean.

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