JEM Stripe Thin Cutting Board Set (4)

With this lovely stack of our thin wood cutting boards, you will never be without the perfect size cutting board. Need to slice up some limes or an avocado? Pull out the 7" x 9". Have a block of tofu to cube? You know the 9" x 12" has you covered. Want to cut up those onions, carrots and potatoes on the same board for some stew? Enter the 11" x 15". But what about that huge watermelon you are about to go ninja-style on? The big 13" x 18" has your back. Need to do all of that at the same time for a big dinner? Bust them all out.

The best thing about these boards is the thickness. At only 3/8" thick, they are lightweight and agile. They are easy to pick up, easy to move, easy to serve on, and easy to wash. These boards are also highly engineered. Every last detail of manufacturing including wood type, grain orientation, glue type, joint prep, and clamping pressure were considered. These tricks allow us to make rock solid cutting boards with a slender profile.

Imagine how stunning and intentional these four boards will look when displaying hoeur d'oeuvres at your next party...

- all sizes 3/8" thick

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