s flat sauté

Sometimes the simplicity of the Earlywood flat sauté series throws people off.  At first, they ask what to do with it, but past customers routinely contact us to say that their flat sauté is now the most used wooden utensil in their home.  The flat sautés are total workhorses in the kitchen and it is the long flat edge that sets it apart from standard spoon.  Use that edge to scrape the entire side of a deep pot with one swipe or quickly clean off your countertops after chopping veggies for dinner.  Our flat sauté tools come in 3 practical sizes and are also available in a set.  The small flat sauté is the smallest of the 3 sizes and is perfect for cooking one-person meals.

 size: 9.5 x 1.6 x 0.2

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