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tera scraper

*wood variations exist and your utensils may look different than images. more info here: the woods we use

Earlywood scrapers are designed specifically for the toughest jobs your kitchen has to offer. We use our hardwood scraper utensils to get those delicious brown bits up while deglazing a pan or clean stubborn residue from skillets. The angled edge and hardwood construction are perfect for cast iron cooking or non-stick pans. Try using one to chop frozen ground beef or to cut and serve lasagna or desserts. The comfortable, rounded handle in combination with the flat, sharp edge allows you to put your weight behind this strong kitchen utensil, clearing a path no wooden spoon could manage.

- Great for cleaning cast-iron pans.
- Sharp angled edge for the toughest scraping jobs.
- Smooth, comfortable width fits easily in the palm.
Made from the hardest, most durable woods available.
- Gentle on non-stick, cast iron and all other pans/skillets.

A kitchen utensil for people who mean business.

size: 10 x 2.25 x 0.6

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The next product is another original design of my own, it's called the Tera Scraper. The most unique thing about this piece is it's got a straight sharp front edge on it, another thing your classic wooden spoon does not have. When you take a wooden spoon and you've got some sauce or something sticking to the bottom of your pan, and you're you're trying to get that off at the bottom so it doesn't burn anymore, you're gonna end up going across it 20 times and have a bunch of little squiggly marks across there and still not have it all off. That's where this thing comes in and its function is to get into your pan, make one, two, three or four paths and you've got everything that was stuck to the bottom of the pan up and cooking again and not burning. I was originally thinking cast iron when I designed this piece because I'm always sticking stuff to my cast iron and I wanted something that would alleviate that problem. And this definitely does. It's substantial, the back end is nice and big to grab and you can use it for all kinds of things like flipping burgers, chipping cookies off a sheet, I sometimes even use it to chop beef, I use it to crush garlic. It also has a straight edge across it that you can use as a bench paper as well, just like the flat sautes. You can use two of these salad tongs as well some people buy two at a time.

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