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Earlywood sustainability efforts

- We make heirloom quality "buy-me-once" products

We do everything we can so that the utensils you buy from us will last your lifetime and hopefully your children's lifetimes too! Buy quality once or buy cheap again and again.

- We donate $1 from every order to plant trees in Brazil

To achieve the highest level of heirloom quality, we must use the best materials available. That means that we need to reach beyond the mountains of North America for our hardwoods. We rule out Africa, but do get a couple of our woods from Central and South America. Because we care...

Earlywood donates $1 to help the Nature Conservancy restore the Atlantic Rainforest in Brazil for every single order that is placed on our website.

As of 4/19/2024 we have donated over $63,919 to help plant trees in Brazil!

Specifically, we choose to have our donations go to the endangered Atlantic Rainforest of Brazil. Visit http://www.plantabillion.org/ to learn more about the forest and the impressive efforts that are being made to save this vital piece of Brazil.

- We make exotic wood pen blanks with our scrap

We use our lumber very efficiently, but can't always use every last bit of every last piece. If we have a piece of scrap longer than 5" and 3/4" x 3/4" thick, we turn it into a pen blank that will be used for turning on a lathe and making wooden pens. We sell these blanks on Amazon and there is enough demand there to use everything we can make.

Click here to check them out on Amazon.

- We compress all of our sawdust into briquettes

We make a lot of sawdust too. We compress our dust (barrels and barrels and barrels of it) into small burnable briquettes. These are available to locals to heat their homes or use for campfires.