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The Earlywood Guarantee

We will make it right!

We do everything we can to supply you with the best wood utensils ever. We are also here to help solve any issues you have with new orders or old products. Bottom line... we will make it right!


If you find yourself unhappy with the size, look, feel, or quality of the Earlywood utensils that you ordered, simply send the unused utensils back to us within 30 days of your purchase at:

Packages must be addressed exactly as written below:

Earlywood Returns
111 S. Airport Road, P1741
Red Lodge, MT 59068

We will credit you for the returned product using the same method of payment that you used to purchase them and send you an e-mail confirming that we did.


If your order shows up damaged...

We hold and check and shape and check and laser and check and oil and check and ship every single product that leaves here, but every now and then a less than perfect utensil magically squeezes through our quality control process. If you end up with one of those products, contact us and we will send you a replacement immediately at our expense. We may ask for a picture of the packaging to see if the damage happened in transit.

If you ever find anything that we missed during quality control...

Same as above. If we ever ship out a product with a mistake... that mistake is ours and we will always send you a replacement as quickly as possible.

If your utensils get all fuzzy...

Fuzzy utensils are not a warranty problem, it's just a wood problem! If you find that your utensils have more fuzz on the surface than you like, go grab the little woodcare packet you got with your order and follow the instructions on the back of it or head over to our section on caring for wooden utensils for all kinds of good information.

If you break one of your utensils...

This is a tough one. If a utensil breaks because of something we did, we'll get you a new one. If you drop it on your hard tile floor and it chips then... that's where it gets complicated. We want to replace as many utensils as we can for whoever needs them, but we are also a small business that has to stay open! Contact our customer service ninja Annie at annie@earlywooddesigns.com and she will take care of these on a case by case basis. Chances are... you'll be getting a new utensil, but we stop short of guaranteeing all broken utensils in all cases.

If you wash your utensils in the dishwasher...

Washing wood in the dishwasher is just not a good idea. Doing so will definitely turn your utensils gray and make them fuzzy. It also increases the chance for your utensils to crack and warp. If this is the way you choose to wash your utensils, then our warranty is out the window!

Any other issue we didn't think of...

Contact Annie at annie@earlywooddesigns.com.