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wooden cooking utensils

wood cooking utensils by Earlywood


The Best Wooden Kitchen Utensils

Handmade wooden cooking utensils are what we do best. Whether it is our flat wooden spatula sets or our wooden tongs, each Earlywood kitchen utensil is designed to look great and to work even better. Lots of the best wooden spoons are not actually spoons at all! That is why our simple wooden spatulas are our best sellers. Take it to the next level with one of our kitchen utensil sets (like The Newlywood Set) if you can't decide on just one. Having the best wooden utensils can make your entire cooking experience more fun and meaningful.

We make the best wood cooking utensils and that is it.

The selection of cooking tools and sets below are all here for a reason. They are great for cooking. We have designed and tested all of them to be the best wooden cooking tools for every job. We use only the hardest and strongest hardwoods so you can pass all of your Earlywood spatulas and spoons from one generation to the next. Each piece is handcrafted to perfection and the minimalist style allows you to maximize its purpose. So whether you’re using our Large Flat Sautè or our Wooden Tongs, you will create meals flawlessly and effortlessly with these wooden kitchen tools.