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wooden tasting spoon


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wood type
hard maple

what others are saying…

probably should have bought six...It’s a lovely long handled spoon, perfect to sample a taste of the homemade pasta sauce as it simmers for hours. The need to wash to retaste again later makes me think I should have a caddy full of these next to the stove.


long wooden tasting spoon for mixing and stirring

Ever experienced the frustration of not being able to reach the bottom of a jar with your spoon or trying to scrape the bottom of a blender? Enter our Tasting Spoon. This wooden stirring spoon is long enough to reach the furthest corners of your kitchen implements. As a bonus, the long wooden spoon is ideal for defending batches of freshly baked cookies or stirring a big glass of chocolate milk.

This is, well I'd tell you what it's called but I'm not sure what I'm going to call it yet. (laughs) It's probably gonna be called the tasting spoon or the tea spoon or the iced tea spoon maybe a stirring spoon. I'm not quite sure yet. This is actually the longest utensil I make. It just, I think, took the lead, it's just a hair longer than the the medium classic ladle. Just by a little bit, it's probably about thirteen and a half inches long. I spent a lot of time designing all these other designs because they're super functional and that was always my goal. I wanted to make these just because I really like the way they look. I thought they'd be fun to use and fun to have in the kitchen. Three or four of these in three or four different woods in the kitchen, you know in a jar propped up in the corner would actually look quite nice as well. The most common uses that I've heard so far are stirring deep jars of tea, mixed drinks, they're great for stirring sauces and they're great for tasting sauces as well. They are long enough to get down to the bottom of any pan and get down there and get all that stuff out of the inside. One of our testers said she's been using hers when she makes a smoothie in the morning and she's able to get all the little pieces out of there.

best handmade wooden tasting spoon

Our wooden tasting spoon is a wonderful addition to any chef’s arsenal. The long handle is great for reaching into the deepest jars or for stirring beverages (alcoholic or not) in large pitchers. Each wooden spoon is covered by our lifetime warranty and will last generations.

- Use them as dessert spoons when you're feeling fancy.
- Taste sauces, soups, broth, dips with ease.
- Wooden tasting spoons will not distort the flavor profile of foods.
- Give dinner guests their own to take home.
- Save when you purchase a set of 4.

Take a taste - for life is endlessly delicious!

 size: 13 x 1.3 x 0.3