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utensil holders and block oil

concrete accessories for use with wood kitchen tools


The Best Wooden Kitchen Utensil Accessories

Butcher block oil, wood wax, and concrete utensil holders for countertops are just as important as wood utensils and wooden spoons! Cooking can be messy, so keep your kitchen maintained, clean and organized with these accessories from Earlywood.

Made from a unique blend of concrete, fiber and polymer, our Kitchen Utensil Caddy is perfect for displaying your wooden spoons and utensils. Our minimalist gray utensil holder will add a touch of elegance to any kitchen. Don’t let your best wooden utensils hide in a drawer, showcase them in a wooden utensil holder instead!

Refresh Your Wooden Utensils With Earlywood’s Butcher Block Conditioner & Wax

Transform your old wooden utensils and maintain your new ones with our food-grade wood oil and wax. Our Butcher Block Oil is a unique blend of all-natural mineral oil and lemon peel oil. Our Wood Wax is made from a blend of mineral oil and bee’s wax. They are both food-safe and easy to use for wooden cutting boards, chopping blocks, and cooking utensils.