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wood wax


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The wax is super easy to apply and made all my wood utensils and cuttings boards look like new. It's my first time treating my wooden tools and I'm surprised at how simple it is to do so.

Food Grade Wood Wax for Butcher Blocks and Utensils

Now you can buy the Wood Oil and Wood Wax as a set and save! 

Our Wood Wax is a blend of food-safe mineral oil and bee's wax. When applied to dry wood, the mineral oil and beeswax separate from each other. The mineral oil soaks deep into the wood, while the beeswax forms a thin coating on the outside. Together, they form a great barrier to keep moisture, smells, and stains from getting into your bowls or utensils. It also greatly extends the life of wood by preventing drying and cracking. It is easy to use and will keep your wooden utensils, bowls and cutting boards in top condition.

This is the perfect add-on for an Earlywood gift and a staple to have around any house with wood items in the kitchen.  Use it on everything Earlywood, wood cutting boards, thick chopping blocks, and all other wooden utensils. We recommend using both our Wood Oil and Wood Wax for the best results. 

How to Use Wood Wax:

- For best results: apply a small amount with a clean lint-free cloth, let it sit for 15 minutes and wipe off any excess

- Apply once a month or whenever wood seems dull or dry. Items that see frequent use may require more applications

How to Use Butcher Block Oil:

It’s very easy to bring back the natural beauty of your wooden utensils with our food-grade conditioner. Just follow the steps below:

1. Make sure your wooden utensil is dry. Use the rough side of your kitchen sponge to remove any fuzz or rough areas. Always buff in the direction of the wood grain.
2. Apply Earlywood Oil to your wooden utensil by hand or with a clean cloth. Spread the oil, making sure every part of your wooden utensil is covered.
3. Let the oil soak in overnight for maximum results. Wipe off any remaining oil and that’s it.  Follow up with Wood Wax for longer-lasting protection. 

- Food safe

- Mild scent

- Made in the USA


volume: 8 oz.

Hey guys this is Brad from Earlywood. In front of me here, I've got our wood oil and our wood wax. We've had this for as long as the company has existed but we recently started selling this because it does do something that this doesn't do. The wood oil is a super lightweight mineral oil that penetrates the wood through its pores to protect it that way. The wood wax is a little bit different, it is thicker, it's part bee's wax/part mineral oil and this doesn't so much penetrate the wood but it forms a coating on the outside. It is a 100% waterproof coating and food safe of course. So the way we like to treat our utensils is hit them with the wood oil first to soak in as deep as we can and put a layer of this on the outside. Now you can treat your utensils pretty badly and almost everybody does. If you put a fresh layer of this on a somewhat regular basis, maybe once every 3 to 6 months. That thing will stay waterproof and last you the rest of your lifetime and more for sure. So if you're investing in new utensils that you want to keep forever, I would pick up one of each and keep them looking good forever.