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butcher block oil


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Easy way to restore my kitchen utensils. My friend recommended this product to me and he does a LOT of woodworking, so I knew it would be great. I used it on all of my wooden spoons that my mom passed down to me. Let me tell ya, these spoons have been through it, many many years of use and many years of going in the dishwasher (I know, I shouldn't do that). This oil made these suckers look dang near new!

Food Grade Wood Oil for Butcher Blocks and Utensils

Now you can buy the Wood Wax and Wood Oil as a set and save!

Our wooden spoon oil is a food-safe blend of low-viscosity mineral oil and organic lemon peel oil.  The super low viscosity oil (it pours like water) will penetrate the extremely hard and tight pored woods we make our kitchen utensils out of to a depth that your standard thick mineral oil just can't do.  The organic lemon peel oil is not only refreshing to smell, but its antimicrobial properties will help keep your utensils safe for years to come.

If you have any dry or cracking wooden spatulas or spoons, this food-grade wood oil will bring them back to their original beauty. Just a bit of our special oil, a little rubbing, and you’ll enjoy the beautiful luster of your old wooden utensils again. Wood oil is best when followed up with a treatment of our Wood Wax.

We get asked why we use mineral oil in our Earlywood oil. We chose mineral oil because it works on everything all the time. Other oils like olive oil say, you can use on a wooden utensil especially one you're gonna be washing all the time because if you're washing it all the time it doesn't stay there long enough to for any of its negative properties to come out. But if you use it on say a cutting board it doesn't get washed all the time or sits around for a while it can dry up which will make it kind of sticky, it can turn yellow over time. It can also turn rancid which will make it smell, so you don't want any of that happening. And you never get that with this so whether you're trying to treat your wooden utensils, your cutting board, your wood knife handles, or plastic knife handles for that matter... Earlywood oil works every time.

Best Wood Finish / Conditioner for Cutting Boards and Wooden Utensils

This butcher block Wood Oil is the perfect add-on for an Earlywood gift and a staple to have around any house with wooden items in the kitchen. Use it on everything Earlywood, wood cutting boards, thick chopping blocks, and all other wooden utensils.

- Formulated using an all-natural blend of mineral oil and lemon peel oil.
- Adds lovely sheen to any wooden kitchen utensil.
- Perfectly safe to use for any cooking utensil made of wood.
- Each bottle (4.5 ounces) lasts a long time.

How to Use Butcher Block Oil:

It’s very easy to bring back the natural beauty of your wooden utensils with our food-grade conditioner. Just follow the steps below:

1. Make sure your wooden utensil is dry. Use the rough side of your kitchen sponge to remove any fuzz or rough areas. Always buff in the direction of the wood grain.
2. Apply Earlywood Oil to your wooden utensil by hand or with a clean cloth. Spread the oil, making sure every part of your wooden utensil is covered.
3. Let the oil soak in overnight for maximum results. Wipe off any remaining oil and that’s it.

How to Use Wood Wax:

- For best results apply after oiling steps above.  Apply a small amount with a clean lint-free cloth, let it sit for 15 minutes and wipe off any excess

- Apply once a month or whenever wood seems dull or dry. Items that see frequent use may require more applications

Cook.... Oil… Repeat!