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magazines featuring Earlywood products

"It would be an incredible wedding present, but you'll want this for yourself!"

- Oprah Magazine - July/Aug 2020

(Made in America O-List)

"This kitchen tool is perfect for anyone who cooks. At all. Even a little."

- Brad Leone, Test Kitchen Manager

"Earlywood's naturally colored wood utensils are beautiful and versatile for any type of cook."

- Allison Maze Vancura, Senior Editor

"These wooden cooking utensils feel great in your hands... a gorgeous addition to any cook’s kitchen."

- Zoe Gutterman, Digital Editor

"As I first held the biggest spoon in my hand I felt a flutter, a thrill, unlike anything I’ve ever felt holding a kitchen utensil.."

- Clotilde Dusoulier, Chocolate and Zucchini

"Quality heirloom pieces you can pass down for generations."

- Jenni Ward, The Gingered Whisk

"I love the wooden spatulas. Wooden spatulas! The design is so simple, so clean and yet it is one of the most functional and practical tools I have in my kitchen right now."

- Ashley Rodriquez, Not Without Salt

"A good source of high-quality, long-lasting wooden utensils are those made by Brad Bernhart of Earlywood Designs. The woods are dense and strong and with care will last many years of hard use."

- J. Wayne Fears, Author, Outdoorsman, Legend

"I was thrilled to find the Earlywood scraper... The simple flat design and sharp beveled edge make it perfect for countless kitchen tasks."

- Matthew Card, Food Editor

"Back-to-basics kitchen tools every minimalist cook needs. These handmade pieces are up for almost any task."

- Katie Bandurski, Assistant Editor