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Functional and beautiful. It was funky in the best way. We are forever fans of Earlywood.

One-of-a-Kind...just like you

No coupon needed! The maximum discount (up to 20% off) has already been applied to all items in the unique and funky section.

Natural character is what makes wooden utensils so unique! Our “Unique to you” items are just as beautiful and durable as our premium utensils. Variations may be more prominent but the price is outstanding!

The items in this collection just don't quite have the color we are looking for or are maybe a little off in size. Due to our high quality standards, this disqualifies them from regular sale.

Hey it's Brad with Earlywood. If you're watching this video you're obviously on our unique and funky page. And I'm here to tell you a little bit more information about it this page it's none like any other on our site and I'll tell you why we even have this page. We deal with raw lumber all the time and when it comes in we don't know what to expect. Maybe 80-90 percent of that wood once we plane it down or cut it up it looks the same and it looks like the pictures and the colors you see on our other listings. But there's that 10-20 percent left over that is different for whatever reason and that is what we sell on this particular page. For example, we use four woods as you probably know. Hard maple, this is for the most part a really light colored wood and is fairly similar from piece to piece but every now and then you'll get a little bit of maybe a branch growing out or a good little heartwood in here that's a darker brown. So there might be some maple pieces in here that are half light and half dark. Moving on to Mexican ebony here. This is totally the oddball of the group, this can be dark black, it can be light brown, it can be purple, it can be a real vibrant red or it can even be white if you can believe that, kind of a yellowish white. So this one in this section chances are you're going to get something that's Mexican ebony just because we have more of that. But that doesn't mean it's a bad thing the Mexican ebony is one of my favorite woods we use. Then jatoba, which is our brown wood. We usually don't have a lot of variation with this one either but there's a few in there. You can see on this piece here that we've kind of got some real funky looking grain up here. My guess is this is just the inside of the bark of course we'll never make anything out of this if the wood isn't as good as it would be if it was out of the middle of the tree, so you won't see a whole lot of that. Bloodwood is our fourth wood and this one can go from a real dark purpley red to like almost a light yellowish orange and sometimes it has a bunch of figure in it, a bunch of different colors within the same piece. And other times it's the entire piece is just the same color all the way across the board so that's what we're dealing with for woods. And we still make product out of this wood because in our opinion it's actually some of the sweetest product we make because it's so unique and you get one of these pieces in the mail and you know that's the only piece like that hands down anywhere. So each one of them is a one of a kind. The ordering process is a little bit different with these... you still just place your order right on the website but you don't choose the wood type in this case. You choose the product, we choose the wood for you from all these pieces we have. If it's a set we'll try and get you a set that looks really good together and then send it out. These are all at a discounted rate, you can find all these pieces in here from 10 to 20 percent off so you're going in saving some money. The only thing is you can't return them because you don't like the color and we get to pick it for you. The only other thing you can't count on is inventory. We may have these in stock, we may not have them in stock. They tend to sell pretty quick and we only have so many of them because it's the leftover from these boards we're using for the other stuff. But you don't really have to worry about that, if there's something on the page that you see and it's for sale and if the website lets you order it... that means it's in stock and we'll send it out right away. So if you're feeling a little adventurous today, try some of our funky stuff and you'll get a big surprise in the mail.
The good news? 

You can pick these items up at a discount and still thoroughly enjoy them. All items in this collection are FINAL SALE. We will still warranty them if they crack or break because of something we missed, but we won't warranty them or accept returns because of color. 

Place your order, wait for the surprise, own some awesome hand-picked fun and funky utensils. 

NOTE: The product images are NOT an indication of exactly what you will receive. The beauty is in the surprise!