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the utilitarian


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I never wrote a review in my life, but this is worth it. I LOVE those so much. I found out about Earlywood from Kenji Lopez Alt and after debating if I should get some pieces or a full set, I decided to go for it and I am so glad I did. I brought them with me to Israel and use them daily. Really. I love rituals and for me, there is something sacred about holding the wood in my hands and enjoying the beauty of the utensil while cooking. The shape is perfect. I have no idea why but there is something magical about the shape and they work perfectly for cooking, tossing salads, spreading butter on toast, and more...

a lot of what you need, an none of what you don't

Whether you are serious cook or just love using quality wood utensils for everyday family meals, this is the set for you.

This wooden kitchen utensil set contains multiples of all the essential tools we love… because one is never enough. It is chalk full of our favorite, “couldn’t live without them” utensils that we reach for constantly. It looks classy with any décor and keeps your cooking tools at the ready, it includes:

- 4 Large Flat Sautes (our personal favorites)
- 4 Tera Scrapers (perfect for cast-iron)
- 4 Large Spreaders (from cake frosting to peanut butter)
- 1 Wood Oil (keep your utensils in perfect shape)
- 1 Set of Wooden Tongs (you'll use them more than you think)
- 1 Utensil Holder of your choice to display it all in for major counter appeal (perfectly accents our woods).

*Available without the utensil holder. 

What you see here is our utilitarian, we call it. We call it that because it's just meant to function. And everything in here has a purpose and it's the best cooking combo you'll probably ever see. We wanted to put together the most functional set of utensils we possibly could and this is what we ended up with. I was always frustrated with the old regular stainless steel butter knife so we put a big fat blade on this one big scoop bam done with your peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I don't know if a day's gone by where I haven't used more than one of these in one day for the last couple years. Then you get four of our Tera Scrapers, I don't know if you've ever tried to use a regular wooden spoon to scratch off the bottom of a cast iron pan, something that's stuck to the bottom of your pan. These totally get rid of that problem. They've got that nice sharp flat front makes a nice wide path through the pan and gets all of that stuff up, all those flavors up gets back to cooking. These are a lot of people's favorites, they're my second favorite actually. And then you got my favorite here the Large Flat Saute. These are the result of a design project I did way back in the day, where I took a wooden spoon and I just looked at every single detail of it. And if something was unnecessary I got rid of it. You can flip, you can taste, you can stir, you can serve, you can bench scrape. Anymore I never cook with just one of these I'm always in there with two of them stirring, flipping and chopping. So those are my favorites. You also get one of these sets of tongs. These are a two piece, we've got jatoba in the middle and then we've got ebony handles here. It makes them plenty strong. Bacon, sausage, anything hot that you want to grab but you shouldn't that's where these come in. It's like longer fingers that don't get burnt basically. So as you may or may not know, every single bit of this stuff is made in Montana here in the United States by me and a couple other guys. This is also made in Montana by a good friend of mine up in Missoula, Montana. And obviously it's made to fit all of this stuff. It all fits right in there, I always hang my tongs over the edge like that or you could put them in there, it's better to hang them over the edge I think. The last thing it comes with is a bottle of Earlywood oil so you can keep all of your stuff looking great for years to come.