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small flat sauté


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wood type
hard maple

what others are saying…

best kitchen tool ever! Until you have one, you can't know how much you NEED and will use a flat sauté EVERY day! It's the best kitchen tool ever and thanks to the exceptional quality and reasonable price, one of my favorite gifts.

Small Wooden Spatula for Cooking

In our opinion... the flat sauté spatula is the most "how did I ever cook without this" kind of utensil and our customers overwhelmingly agree. These minimalist utensils do it all and are guaranteed to become your go-to wooden kitchen utensil. The long flat edge sets this tool apart from standard spoons while the small size is perfect for little hands or cooking one-person meals.

It might be tiny but that’s what makes it great. This handcrafted mini wooden spatula works best paired with small skillets and pans.

The flat sautes are my favorite utensils out of anything I make. The best thing about this piece is the straight edge right here, after you're done cutting your veggies and you've got a bunch of stuff on your counter I use it as a bench scraper right off your counter into your garbage, it's great for that. So you're going in buying a saute or you're getting a free bench scraper (laughs). This little long, straight edge also works well for scraping the entire edge of a deep pan or a deep pot. This is thin enough to get under products and flip like pancakes, burgers or cookies .This has plenty of surface for tasting. You know I designed them originally just to be used one at a time, lately I've been keeping one on each side of my pot and I pick them both up at the same time and I saute with both hands at the same time. It's great for holding down something like a piece of burger or piece of sausage and breaking pieces apart, holding something while you flip one side over. I also used two for salad tongs. Two of these large flats or two medium flats are perfect for serving salad they have plenty of surface to grip and they've got plenty of length to get inside a deep bowl. I just counted the other day, I have 12 of these in my kitchen. Every night I guarantee there's at least five and sometimes there could be 10 in the dish rack. I'd say 90 percent of the time when I'm cooking I reach for this guy.

Small Thin Wooden Spatula For Nonstick Pans

We designed this wooden cooking spatula to be small, light, and agile. Here are a few things you can do with it: 

- Use the edge to scrape the sides of large pots or jars.
- Use as a bench scraper to quickly clean veggie scraps into the garbage.
- Hardwood flipper turns pancakes, burgers, eggs, and more.

Crafted in three sizes, these tools will change the way you prepare food.

 size: 9.5 x 1.6 x 0.2