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The Best Dumpling Roller

Our small wooden dumping pin is here to meet all your rolling needs. This dowel style rolling pin is much shorter and a little thinner than our French rolling pin. It's compact size makes it perfect for a wide range of tasks, including making delicious dumplings, pot stickers, pierogi, tortillas, pizzas, wontons and even fondant. This dumpling dowel is also the perfect size for getting kids involved in the kitchen too. 

Hey guys this is Brad from Earlywood. What I've got here is our dumpling pin. We've been selling this one here for a number of years, this is our 20-in French rolling pin. This is a two-hander, you've got to use two hands with this. We've gotten requests over the years for a smaller pin, something you could use with one hand for dumplings or fine pastries or even fondant if you're a cake decorator. So these things are small enough that at 9 inches long and 1 inch in diameter that you can use it with one hand really comfortably. If you ever find yourself making some cookies or making a pie with a little one, you can give them this and they can have fun rolling this one themselves. Just like our larger pins they come in three different woods. We've got solid Jatoba, solid Hard Maple and then the JEM combo which is the Jatoba, Maple and Ebony combo with the stripe down the middle. So, if you've ever found yourself wishing you had a smaller rolling pin pick up one of these. I think they might be just what you're looking for.

Wooden Dowel Rolling Pin for Baking

Roll your dough to perfection with our wooden dumpling pin. Constructed out of durable hardwoods, each pin is handcrafted with smooth edges and a comfortable feel. Choose from three beautiful wood options:  Jatoba, Hard Maple and our JEM, featuring a Mexican Ebony stripe. Each rolling pin is one of a kind, showcasing natural variations in wood grain and structure.

- Ideal for novice and experienced bakers alike.
- Dowel design for excellent one-handed control.

Get creative with your own dumpling pin.

 size: 9 x 1 x 1 inches