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el quatro

If we have a secret love affair with one of our wooden utensils, it is definitely the Large Flat Saute. These simple wooden spatulas are easy to clean and store yet long enough (13") to keep your fingers away from hot liquids. We packaged these minimalist cooking tools up as a set because we know ONE IS NOT ENOUGH. Honestly, we're not even sure 4 is enough! 

- Set includes 4 of our best flat wood spatulas (1 in each wood).
- Use as bench scrapers, spatulas, flippers, stirrers, or tasters.
- Use two together as salad servers.
- Use to serve casseroles and desserts.

As the old saying goes, "anything a spoon can do, four flat sautes can do better."

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This set right here we call the Quatro or the El Quatro, our Spanish isn't all that good here at Earlywood, but this is a set of four of our favorite piece. This is the large flat saute, it's the simple, clean line, nice and straight, nice and thin sautes that we make. We came up with design originally, I took a wooden spoon, this is years ago, I took a wooden spoon and I just really sat down and thought about it. I thought to myself, hey, I don't like this round handle, that doesn't do anything for me, so I got rid of it. I got rid of the think end on the bowl and made this thinner, so you could get under cookies, or pancakes or something like that. I put a straight edge on there so you can use that as a bench scraper, or to scrap out the side of a big deep pot. And, of course, we make them out of the best woods possible, so they'll last forever. But you have four here, which honestly, four is getting close to being enough, but at the end of pretty much everyday, I probably have 10 of these in my sink. Because we have used more than four. Having four allows you to use one in one pot, one in a different pot, one in another pot, or you can use two at the same time. You can use two to server salad, which is nice with these, or you can saute and stir up whatever you are cooking with two at time. And that's what I do too. Once you start going stirring and sauteing with two, you'll probably never go back to one. One last thing to mention about these that you can't get with a wooden spoon, see how thin that tip is? That is great for getting under pancakes or cookies, just another thing you can't do with a wooden spoon. So get yourself a set of four and you'll never regret it.

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