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Scraper Spoon


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how is it that this is so much better than a classic wooden spoon? Kind of blown away at how versatile the front scraping edge is. Never knew that I needed this... but I do.

The Best Wooden Scraping Spoon

Our new Scraper Spoon offers an innovative dual design with a flat front edge that is perfect for deglazing pans, stirring sauces, and efficiently scraping every last bit from your cookware. It's long sturdy handle is comfortable to hold, while the bowl of the spoon can scoop and serve. The spoon marries the function everyone loves about our flat spatulas and scrapers with the love of a traditional wooden cooking spoon. It's like three utensils in one!

Our wooden utensils are truly versatile and work just as well with cast-iron cookware as they do in non-stick pans. This is the spoon everyone needs in their utensil crock! Also, check out our new Cooking Spoon or the Cooking Spoon Set.

Hey guys it's Brad from Earlywood here. In my right hand here I've got the most versatile kitchen utensil we have ever made. We have customers rave on and on about our scraper... here we've married the two together and given this spoon with a nice big bowl that same scraping front. This means you can not only stir with it and scrape the bottom of your pan but it's thin enough to chop up burger or sausage. It's made out of one piece of solid maple, so it's plenty strong as all of our utensils are. We've got one somewhat small radius, even a little bit smaller than your standard wooden spoon and then we've got a really small one here. This comes in super handy when you're cooking in your pot and you want to get those tasty bits out of the corner of your pot, which you just can't do with a regular wooden spoon. So this thing is a spoon, it's a scraper, it's a server, it's a chopper. You may be looking at this and saying that's great and all but I'm left-handed. Boom, got you covered we make a left-handed version as well so we're looking out for you lefties. Grab one today and you'll always have the right tool for the job.

Hand Crafted Wood Scraper Spoon

Made from hard maple, this wooden spoon with a scraping edge will stand the test of time, just like grandma's old spoon...but so much better. It might just be the most versatile of our designs.  The thin flat front is perfect for sautéing, stir frying, scraping, and basically any kind of cooking. 

- Available in right or left handed.
- Quickly rose to the top as our unanimous employee favorite.
- Perfect for everything from stirring risotto to browning sausage.
- A truly next level cooking spoon.

Pretty much the best utensil we've ever made!