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classic ladle

Looking for a special piece to serve up your next feast? Look no further than our Classic Wooden Ladle. Sturdy, balanced and beautiful, you will bask in the compliments it earns your culinary efforts! This large, hardwood serving utensil scoops large portions of your favorite soups, stews, curries and beyond. The size of the wood ladle makes it the perfect canvas to showcase their wood grain.

- Made in the USA from sustainable hardwoods.
- Multi functional server, ladle, sauna dipper..
- Exceptional balance.

One customer states, "This ladle is a rare combination of form and function that brings true joy to cooking- a natural work of art."

size: 13 x 3.5 x 1.9

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This big guy right here is the classic ladle. This is the biggest piece I make, ideally suited for soups, chili's, also cold noodle salads and side dishes if you want to get a big healthy helping of anything this is the guy for you. It is rock-solid in all ways. Level it's just less than 3/4 of a cup but heaping you can get a pretty massive scoop of just about anything in there. Every single one that goes out I test with my own hands and make sure you know it's got the feel and it's got the weight that I want. I've had people tell me they drill the hole on the back and they hang it on their wall and which is fine but you know they're built for use so don't be afraid to use them.
Earlywood wood ladle in jatoba - features

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