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flat saute set


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wood type
hard maple

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Flat out the best utensils in my kitchen. Not only beautifully crafted, lovely to behold (and hold)-all three have become near indispensable for cooking, serving, stirring and mixing. Love them - thank you :)

3-Piece Wooden Spatula Set

Simplify your kitchen with this set of three multipurpose wooden saute utensils. This wooden spatula set is a great place to start and compliments any type of cooking. These hardwood spatulas do it all from mixing and stirring to flipping to tasting. This set of “do it all” spatulas is one of the most popular utensil sets we make and while these saute tools are useful, they are beautiful enough to display on your countertops.

The flat sautes are my favorite utensils out of anything I make. Because I love it so much and because it's become the go-to for myself and so many other people in their kitchens, I make it in three sizes. The large is probably the most useful, it gets into deep pots and things but you work all the way down to the small, which is just great for for a single person meals and whatnot. The best thing about this piece is this straight edge right here. After you're done cutting your veggies and you've got a bunch of stuff on your counter I use it as a bench scraper right off your counter into your garbage. It's great for that. So you're going in buying a saute you're getting a free bench scraper. (laughs) This long straight edge also works well for scraping the entire edge of a deep pan or a deep pot. This is thin enough to get under products and flip like pancakes, burgers or cookies. This has plenty of surface for tasting. You know, I designed them originally just to be used one at a time, lately I've been keeping one on each side of my pot and I pick them both up at the same time and I saute with both hands at the same time. It's great for holding down something like a piece of burger or a piece of sausage and breaking pieces apart or holding something while you flip one side over. I also use two for salad tongs, two of these large flats or two medium flats are perfect for serving salad. They have plenty of surface to grip and they've got plenty of length to get inside a deep bowl. I just counted the other day I have 12 of these in my kitchen. Every night I guarantee there's at least five and sometimes there could be 10 in the dish rack. I'd say 90% of the time when I'm cooking I reach for this guy.

Best Flat Wooden Spatula Set for Cooking

This flat wooden spatula set will help inspire your inner chef. Cook each dish with confidence when using the best handmade wooden spatulas. What you’ll love about this set:

- Each set includes three wooden spatulas (1 large, 1 medium, 1 small).
- Perfect for use in non-stick cookware.
- Use two spatulas to serve salad.
- Minimal and elegant design stores easily in a drawer or utensil holder.
- Extremely durable, flat-edge construction accomplishes a variety of kitchen tasks.

The simplicity is genius.