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wood baby spoon


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wood type
hard maple
custom engraving

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Perfect. Beautiful, perfect shape, and exactly the natural material i want to put in my baby's mouth.

Little Handmade Wooden Spoons for Baby

Our wooden baby spoon is perfect for babies who are old enough to be fed soft foods, but not ready to self-feed. The bowl of this small hardwood spoon holds just the right amount for a good bite while the narrow width makes feeding easy and clean. These wood baby spoons can be custom engraved in one of three fonts and make perfect keepsake gifts.

Chubby little hands and our Wooden Baby Spoon are a match made in heaven. Handcrafted from the toughest hardwoods, our mini spoon is perfect for teething babies. We carefully designed this spoon for feeding the littlest person in your life. The ergonomic handle and smooth contoured design make meal time simple and enjoyable. 

The baby spoon is the smallest spoon I make and that's fitting because it's for feeding babies, as you might imagine. I wanted to feed my children with wooden utensils, so I've been product testing myself (laughs) over the last three years and sizing these spoons just right for such a thing. The baby spoon is perfect for the little guys that want to eat but really can't grab a spoon and feed themselves well enough yet. The mouth on it is narrow and the spoon is thin at the end, that actually goes into the baby's mouth, so it holds a little bit of food, and it actually fits in their tiny little mouths. It's great if they want to you know try feeding themselves, there's no sharp edges on it, they can't poke themselves with it, they can't cut themselves with it and like I mentioned with the woods they're all such great woods that you're not gonna get splintering or anything like that. This is the only product that I offer custom engraving on, so you can have your child's name or really for that matter whatever word you want engraved with the laser engraver onto the handle your spoon. I call my products heirloom quality and this exemplifies that these toddler and baby spoons because they're really the definition of an heirloom item. These things can be passed from generation to generation. I know I I'd love to have my kids Clara and Clark eating with the same spoon their great-grandmother ate with that has her name engraved into it. So generations down the road these are going to be really special.

Custom Handcrafted Tiny Wooden Spoon for Salt and Coffee

These wooden spoons aren’t just for babies. They also make great wood salt spoons, honey dippers, and jelly spoons. 

- Crafted to stand up to everyday use.
- Heirloom quality spoons can be kept in the family for generations.
- Perfectly sized for use as a tea spoon, salt spoon, honey dipper, dessert spoon, and more.
- Non-toxic, sustainable hardwood construction so you can feel good about what goes in your baby's mouth.

Feed your baby with love.

size: 6.0 x 1.0

*This product is for children or toddlers ages 6 months and up only.


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