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wooden toddler spoon


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wood type
hard maple
custom engraving

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beautiful keepsake. I purchased this as a stocking stuffer for my 19 month old. It is absolutely GORGEOUS! He will be excited just because it is his VERY OWN spoon! The personalization is beautifully done and the spoon is the excellent quality we have come to know and love from Earlywood products. I am thrilled to have this piece that he can hold onto for a lifetime.

Small Wooden Spoon for Toddlers

Our toddler spoon provides older babies and toddlers the perfect wood feeding spoon to learn with. The handle of this non-toxic, mini wooden spoon is large and rounded, perfect for small hands to grasp. Offered in a variety of hardwood, these unique spoons can be custom engraved in one of three fonts. No little ones at home? These small wood spoons are perfect for desserts, chia pudding, salt, coffee, and sauces.

Make meal time more fun with this Toddler Spoon. We carefully designed and handcrafted these tiny wooden spoons so they are every bit as adorable as they are functional. The small size and ergonomic design of this wooden eating spoon makes it perfect for kids but adults love them too.

The toddler spoon is just a little bit bigger, the bowl is a little bit wider, it holds a little bit more food. But the big difference between the baby and the toddler is the handle on the toddler is thicker and rounder, so a little toddler can can grab it really well. Like a thin metal spoon is kind of clumsy, like a flat metal spoon is clumsy for a toddler sometimes, and this is something they can just put their whole hand on and get a good grip on and have good control. So as soon as your kids old enough to smear food all over his own face, he can start using the toddler spoon. This is the only product that I offer custom engraving on so you can have your child's name or really for that matter whatever word you want, engraved with the laser engraver onto the handle your spoon. I call my products heirloom quality and this exemplifies that, these toddler and baby spoons cuz they're really the definition of an heirloom item. These things could be passed from generation to generation. And I know I'd love to have my kids Clara and Clark eating with the same spoon their great-grandmother ate with, that has her name engraved into it. So generations down the road these are gonna be really special. They're all extremely resilient, my table has spots in it from where my one year old has been beating on my table but the spoons still look great.

Mini Wooden Spoons for Eating

This little wooden spoon is almost as cute as the toddler using it. You can have it personalized by engraving your little one’s name on the handle. Here are some other reasons why this is the best utensil to help your toddler practice self-feeding:

- A perfect keepsake gift crafted to stand up to everyday use.
- Heirloom-quality built to be passed from generation to generation.
- Custom engraving available. 
- Non-toxic, sustainable so you can feel good about what goes in your baby's mouth.

Lovingly crafted for our tiniest friends.

size: 7.0 x 1.3

*This product is for children or toddlers ages 6 months and up only.


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