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Spending time in the kitchen can be a great experience in so many ways, but every now and then a little frustration can pop up. You know those hard to accomplish tasks that you come across? Getting the little bit of smoothie out of the bottom of the blender, getting that little bit of mayo or ketchup out of the jar, buttering those wholegrain pancakes you're keeping warm WITHOUT taking them out of the oven, stirring that huge pitcher of your favorite adult beverage or sweet tea without getting your hands in it are a few that come to mind. Let me introduce the solution... the Earlywood tasting spoon.

    • long enough to keep your hands clean and dry
    • the small bowl is great for tasting soups and sauces
    • built with the best hardwoods for durability
    • honestly... really fun to eat with!

 You can save a few bucks if you happen to want a set of 4.

 size: 13 x 1.3 x 0.3

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