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Ceramic Utensil Holder


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Ceramic Utensil Holder for Wooden Kitchen Utensils

Our new ceramic utensil crock will keep your wood utensils, counter and drawers organized all while adding a eye-catching minimalist aesthetic to your home. Display grandma's old, burnt wooden spoons alongside your new Earlywood utensils in this handmade utensil holder. This kitchen utensil caddy comes in three irresistible color combinations to suit any decor and looks amazing stocked full of wooden kitchen utensils.

The wide opening means that it can proudly display even the largest wooden spoon collection. This functional piece of art keeps your wooden utensils easy to reach while your kitchen stays stylish and organized! 

Wooden Cooking Utensil Organizer 

Your wooden utensils are too pretty to be kept hidden in your drawer. Display them in this beautiful utensil crock. Here's a few details:

- Made in Colorado, USA by Fenway Clayworks.
- A color combo to suit any decor; cool, warm, or neutral
- Hand wash with hot soapy water (just like your spoons)!
- Sturdy design ensures this versatile piece will stay upright.
- Non scratch bottom
- Glazed for easily wiping off spills and splashes

Give your wooden utensils their own little home with style.

size: 6" tall with a 5" inside diameter
Made for Earlywood by Fenway Clayworks