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Big Tera Scraper


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wood type
hard maple

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Great product! I was looking at other makers, but wasn't convinced. Held off. Then I got the email saying the Big Tera was available. Bought several and gave a couple away as gifts. Everyone loves them!! Thanks for another fantastic product. And Earlywood's customer service is amazing. You will not be disappointed with this product or company!

The Best (Bigger) Wooden Spatula for Cast Iron

In regards to our classic Tera Scraper, we have heard "I wish it were a little bit longer" quite a few times. It got us wondering... so we started tinkering... We added three inches to the length, making it the same length as our Large Flat Saute and we added half an inch to the width. The result is our new Big Tera Scraper.

The new bigger tera, keeps your hand farther from heat and splatters, has more surface area for flipping, and keeps all of the same design elements that make the original Tera Scraper such a classic.

Hey guys, this is Brad with Earlywood here to talk about our new Big Tera Scraper today. This is our original Tera Scraper. One of our own unique designs that we've had for years. It's part of the Trifecta and the Essentials. We've got some comments over the years from people that said, "hey what if that was a little bit bigger." So we made ourselves a few that were a little bit bigger tried them out for a while and we ended up really loving them. So we started making this version... it's about three inches longer as you can see. Which keeps your hands away from the heat a little bit more and the tip on it is about a half an inch wider than the original. That allows you to do the same scraping you could with the old one because it has the nice sharp front on it. Nice and flat for scraping anything up off the bottom of a pan, yet it just keeps your hand a little farther from the heat and it's got a little more surface area here if you're flipping burgers or pancakes or French toast or anything like that. We make these out of two woods. This is hard maple and this is jatoba. We don't make them out of the other woods because we can't get those woods any thicker than an inch thick, we have to have a two or three inch thick piece to make these out of so that we can control the grain on each one of these to make sure they don't warp or crack or anything like that over the years. So if you're looking for something that's just a little bit beefier, a little bit longer it's actually the same length as our super popular large flat saute but it's got this really comfortable handle and it's a little more of a workhorse. You know that the saute is pretty thin all the way around this is almost a half an inch thick at the back with nice rounded edges all over it so super comfortable. And if you're doing any grilling in a cast iron pan out on your Blackstone grill, anything like that these are absolutely perfect for that. So pick one up, we know you'll love it. Thanks
Earlywood cast iron scrapers are designed specifically for the toughest jobs your kitchen has to offer. We use our hardwood scraper utensils to get those delicious brown bits up while deglazing a pan or clean stubborn residue from skillets. The angled edge and hardwood construction make it the best spatula for cast iron pans and non-stick cooking. Try using one to chop frozen ground beef or to cut and serve lasagna. 
- Great for cleaning cast-iron pans.
- Sharp angled edge for the toughest scraping jobs.
- Smooth, comfortable width fits easily in the palm.
- Made from the hardest, most durable woods available.
- Gentle on non-stick, cast iron, and all other pans/skillets.
A kitchen utensil for people who mean business.
size: 13 x 2.75 x 0.5