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wood tasting spoon set


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what others are saying…

beautiful, high quality spoons! These spoons bring warmth and beauty to our kitchen and cooking experience. They also feel great in the hand and are perfect to taste hot soups with and not get burnt by a metal spoon. I plan on gifting these to my mom and best friend this holiday season. We absolutely love them!

Best Hand Crafted Wooden Tasting Spoon Set

These long colorful wooden tasting spoons are so fun and unique we could have called them the "conversation piece"! Great for tasting sauces, stirring dishes, scraping out deep jars, making smoothies, stirring tea, and beverage pitchers. This long handled wooden spoon does it all. You will find yourself using them not only because they are useful, but because they are fun!

Each piece from this set is handcrafted from your choice of four hardwoods (or a combo with one of each wood). The long handle on these wooden spoons allows you to reach into deep jars and pots with ease. With their beautiful and versatile design, these wooden spoons are as great for stirring as they are for displaying! 

This is, well I'd tell you what it's called but I'm not sure what I'm going to call it yet. (laughs) It's probably gonna be called the tasting spoon or the tea spoon or the iced tea spoon maybe a stirring spoon. I'm not quite sure yet. This is actually the longest utensil I make. It just, I think, took the lead, it's just a hair longer than the the medium classic ladle. Just by a little bit, it's probably about thirteen and a half inches long. I spent a lot of time designing all these other designs because they're super functional and that was always my goal. I wanted to make these just because I really like the way they look. I thought they'd be fun to use and fun to have in the kitchen. Three or four of these in three or four different woods in the kitchen, you know in a jar propped up in the corner would actually look quite nice as well. The most common uses that I've heard so far are stirring deep jars of tea, mixed drinks, they're great for stirring sauces and they're great for tasting sauces as well. They are long enough to get down to the bottom of any pan and get down there and get all that stuff out of the inside. One of our testers said she's been using hers when she makes a smoothie in the morning and she's able to get all the little pieces out of there.

Long Kitchen Spoon Set for Tasting and Stirring

One customer says:

"I love these and use them all the time, and not just for tasting. Great for tossing cubed potatoes or other veggies in oil and seasonings before (and during) roasting without roughing them up, coaxing coffee grounds from my cold brew setup out of the mason jar and into the pour-through filter (and no longer getting my knuckles covered in grounds), etc." - Monica B.

Here’s everything you need to know about our wood tasting spoon set:

- Long handle keeps your hands out of your food.
- Built with the best hardwoods for durability.
- Aesthetic compliments any decor type including rustic, traditional, farmhouse, modern, eclectic, boho, and more.
- Set includes 4 spoons.

*also available individually

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 size: 13" x 1.3" x 0.3"