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slotted serving spoon


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wood type

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I loved this spoon the minute I held it in my hand - there’s a real comfort using Earlywood products I’ve not experienced in my other wooden utensils. There’s a warmth and smoothness that’s also unique to these beautifully crafted items!

Cut through the slop and get right to the meat and potatoes of things... literally. Our wooden slotted spoon with holes is here to add a bit more function to your kitchen utensil set. We added perfectly sized holes to the big bowl of our tried and true Long Server. The handle of this sturdy wood spoon maintains a triangular cross-section which translates into a comfortable, stable grip when you need to dig deep into your home-cooked feasts. This slotted strainer spoon is perfect for dishing up just the right amount of sides or straining liquid from stews, potatoes, shrimp, veggies and the like.

- Wooden strainer spoon is built to last generations.
- Clean lines and beautiful design says "please display me on your counters at all times".
- Holes allow for liquids to pass through quickly. 

Hey, this is Brad from Earlywood. I've got in front of me here a couple of our slotted spoons. You can see that there's actually no slots in them... there's holes instead. We've got these kind of randomly sized, randomly spaced holes in here to drain out any liquid that you need to. These guys as you might imagine are great for any time you need to pull something hot out of the water, be it an egg, vegetables, anything like that. It's actually the same shape and size as our long server which we've had for a number of years. It's got that same sweet triangular handle that makes it super comfortable to grip. Made out of our our woods that are just the best you can get. Of course, this time it's got the holes in it. Sometimes you just don't want that liquid and that's exactly what this one's for. It makes a perfect set with one of our long servers because they're the same spoon, they've got about the same feel as the long server although it just feels a little bit lighter in your hand, only because there's a little bit less wood in there. So if you find yourself in need of straining anything in the kitchen and you want it to look really good while you're doing it... you might want to pick up one of these.