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small wooden bowl with wooden baby spoon


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hard maple
custom engraving

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Precious! Recently ordered and received 2 of these sets - 1 for each of our grandbabies. I knew the quality and beauty would be unmatched since I own several Earlywood pieces. What I didn't know was how utterly sweet the engraved names would be on the spoons! I highly recommend going the extra step and getting the spoons engraved - it is the perfect touch for a lovely gift!

wood baby bowl with feeding spoon

Our 5 inch maple wooden baby bowl is perfect for babies who are old enough to be fed soft foods. Perfectly paired with our hardwood engravable baby spoon that holds just the right amount for a good bite while the narrow width makes feeding easy and clean. This combination makes the perfect family heirloom and baby shower gift.

So this little guy here is the smallest spoon we make it's called the baby spoon, this is the next biggest the toddler spoon. As you might guess this is for babies and this is for toddlers. This size is made for feeding your child. The bowl is sized just perfectly for them, I tested it for a couple years with my own kids. So I'm super confident in that. And then this one has a little bit bigger bowl and a big fat handle on it so when the kids feed themselves they usually grab it like this. It's got a nice big comfortable handle so they get a good grip and a good purchase on it and they can just shovel it in like that. So it's not an accident they're real perfect for kids that you're feeding and are just starting to feed themselves. We leave the top blank here so if you want to engrave your child's name in there we will engrave the name right on the handle. Makes a sweet heirloom keepsake to pass from generation to generation. These have always pretty much been the perfect baby shower gift but we kind of stepped it up a notch here because we're selling bowls now. These just pair perfectly with two of our bowls. You've got the six inch bowl which goes pretty much perfect with the toddler spoon, it's got plenty of room in there to hold anything a toddler is going to eat. You know I actually use these myself, they're great for adults too in this size. I use the toddler spoon in a wooden bowl like this for ice cream sides and whatnot and maybe yogurt. The five inch bowl right here it's not a big bowl so you've just got a little bit of size in there. Definitely as much as a kid that you have to feed is gonna eat. Keep it healthy, keep it natural, get yourself a set.

wood baby feeding set

- Crafted to stand up to everyday use
- Heirloom quality spoons and bowls that last
- Non-toxic hardwood that is 100% food-safe for babies
- Hand wash with hot soapy water and oil when necessary
- Click here to watch a video on wooden bowl care
- Perfectly imperfect: the wood grain will vary from photos because each bowl is one of a kind!
Feed your baby with love.
spoon size: 6.0 x 1.0
bowl size: 5.0 x 1.75
Bowl Dimensions are approximate... but pretty close.
*This product is for children or toddlers ages 6 months and up only.

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