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wooden bowls


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Beautiful bowls! BEAUTIFUL BOWLS. made so well, with such talent care. enjoying using them every day. Will buy more!!

hard maple wooden bowls

What is it about wooden bowls that is just so attractive? It could be the soft feel. It could be the warm hues. It could be the grain patterns that are unique to every bowl. Maybe it's just the way it suggests bounty when used as a centerpiece full of fruit. Maybe it is that they are a natural piece of art that is functional on such a basic level.

We think it's all of the above.

They can be used solely as a centerpiece, or every day for cooking and eating. Either way, they shine at their job.

They make a unique one of a kind gift that is perfect for holidays, weddings, housewarmings and more. 

Treated properly, these will last more than a lifetime and can be handed down through generations.

- Hand wash with hot soapy water and oil when necessary. 

- Click here to watch a video on wooden bowl care.

A couple years ago we put out a survey to everybody that follows Earlywood and we asked them what their most requested item would be what they wanted us to make next and it was about 70% wooden bowls. So we went and made wooden bowls. These are made out of hard maple just which is one of the four woods we use. They're all hard maple we've got four different sizes, we've got a five inch, a six inch, an 11 inch and a 14 inch. You can buy them individually or you can buy them in a full set. We've got the smallest one which is the five inch which is great for just putting some toppings in, eating some nuts out of that thing. They're perfect for baby food for feeding a baby. And then we've got the six inch just a little bit bigger. This one's kind of adult sized or even toddler sized, big toddler that is. You know you can put a serving of salad in this you put some ice cream in here. You can serve some salsa or chips or whatever you want with this thing. Just kind of a nice all-around size about six inches across the top. And then we've got the 11 which is this guy right here even bigger, this thing's good for maybe three four person salad, popcorn something like that. Any kind of big side that you're serving up for a bunch of people. Of course you can always just set it on the counter and store your fruit in it. And then we've got the big boy right here which is the 14-incher and this thing's kind of a beast we keep one on our table at all times and just have it full of something it just looks sweet. And whenever we're having people over, kids over watching a movie... fill this baby with popcorn and whatnot so it's kind of a great all-purpose big bowl. You can put enough salad in here to probably feed six people maybe even eight. So it's got a lot of capacity and that thing is 14 inches across, so it's the big one. So you can buy these individual or you can get them in a set of all four there's all kinds of other uses for them of course but you know they're bowls. I'm sure you've used a bowl before so I think you can figure it out.

a wood bowl for every occasion

 5" bowl: 5 x 1.75
- sides, condiments, nuts, food prep and feeding baby
 6" bowl: 6 x 2.25
- individual servings of pasta, salads, cereal, soup for children and adults
11" bowl: 11 x 3.375
- 2-4 person salads, centerpiece, storage, serving bread, entertaining
14" bowl: 14 x 4.5
- big salads, family popcorn, table centerpiece, fruit storage, holiday serving
 Bowl Dimensions are approximate... but pretty close.