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wooden salad servers


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My wife is a chef and has been wanting something like this from Earlywood for years. We used them recently and I believe they will be our go to set for salad and pasta for years to come. Thanks again for your always well made products!

Wooden Salad Servers

Wood salad servers are a must have for serving perfect portions of your favorite leafy salad. They can grab large or small portions of delicate greens and other healthy bits. Pair them with your favorite wooden bowl for an elegant dinner party or everyday use. 

At about 13.5" long, these wood salad forks fit nicely into any bowl without falling out. Made from hard maple these will last generations and also excel at serving pasta dishes. 

Hey guys this is Brad from Earlywood. I've got a set of our brand new salad forks here today. These are brand new but they've been in the mix for a long time... I'll spare you all the details but these these things are just hard to make and that's all there is to it. There's a subtle bend in them as you can see right here at the the business end, that's difficult to do. They start off thick here at the tip and they taper all the way back here. All the corners are rounded off, even between the tines here is all sanded out so it has taken us about three years to figure out exactly how to make these and make them the way we want them. But it only takes you about three minutes to buy a set, so you get the benefit here out of all of our hard work. We came up with this design a long time ago because I was sick of these little short things, in Montana we call them bear paws, you know they're just a real short thick salad server. Which I've never quite understood because your hands are still pretty much in the salad you're not picking it up with your hands but they're still there and you're going to get salad all over them. So we made these longer, you'd grab them about in the middle here, you've got plenty of length to keep your hands out of the salad but they're not so long that they're going to flip out of your salad bowl. You can just shove them in under your salad and they'll stay tucked in there for any time someone wants to serve up some healthy salad. You know we also make wooden bowls out of the same wood as this, they're pretty much the perfect gift for the new wedding couple that needs to stock out their new kitchen. So if you feel so inclined and you like eating healthy... grab yourself a set of these.

Wood Salad Servers

We have been using and working on this design for over 5 years... seriously.

They are not easy to make and as usual, we were not ok with cutting any corners. But... we finally did it and we have never been this excited about a product launch. We know you will love them for decades! These wooden salad tongs have a simple, minimalist style, yet are supremely functional and feel natural to grasp. They are one of those tools that is just a pleasure to use.

- Sleek, utilitarian design for unmatched versatility.
- Thin enough to store in a drawer or display in your utensil crock.
- Great for tossing and serving. 

Meet the next and possibly one of the best additions to your Earlywood collection!

 size: 13.5 x 2.75 x 0.25