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Long wooden spreader


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hard maple

Long Wooden Peanut Butter Knife and Jar Spatula

The bulk shoppers have spoken and we listened!

Our new long handled wood spreader has a wide and sturdy spreading end, plus a long, comfortable handle. This tool's 13 inch length will keep your hands mess free while getting in to those hard-to-reach, deep jars with ease. It's thick handle is comfortable to hold and designed to make stirring easy. You are sure to find yourself reaching for this peanut butter spreader and jam knife for your sandwich assembly line or getting the last bit of anything out of deep jars. 

This wooden spreader is a true multitasker, it can stir, spread, scoop and it is actually pretty good at sautéing too. It will be a functional addition to your cooking collection. The wide spreading surface lets you cover the entire sandwich in one pass. The rounded handle design makes this an easy tool to get children involved in cooking as well.

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Honey Stirrer and Jar Scraper

This long handled spreader is a superstar in the kitchen. Here’s why:

- Gets right to the bottom of DEEP jars and tubs
- The comfortable handle gives all the leverage you need to stir up and serve any spread stored in deep jars
- Lightweight and balanced feel, but powerful
- Spreads a massive quantity of jam, butters etc. with one simple pass

Stirring natural peanut butter just got a whole lot easier! 

 size: 13 x 1.75 x 0.1

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