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wooden spreader set


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wood type
hard maple

what others are saying…

This set of four large spreaders bumps my total number of spreaders to 10!!! I use them for spreading dairy and nut butters, jams and jellies, stir-frying, sautéing, stirring, scrambling, etc. They’re beautiful and functional! Perfect combo!

Wooden Condiment Spreader Set

If you have kids or enjoy entertaining, this wooden spreader set has your name on it.  We often find ourselves using three or four at the same time, so we had to offer them as a set. These hardwood spreader knives will add color to your countertop, a conversation piece to your table, and perfectly complement any charcuterie board. 

This set includes four wooden spreaders from your choice of hardwoods or a combo of all. The spreaders in this bundle are beautifully smooth and incredibly versatile. Thoughtfully designed and handcrafted, our wooden butter knives are made for spreading. The length allows you to reach the bottom of jars while the wide, unbending edge easily spreads butter, jam tapenade, or your favorite Camembert.

So this is the larger of the two spreaders that I that I make. This one's long enough to get into jars of anything you might be spreading peanut butter, jelly, honey, hummus, cream cheese and any every day spreading thing. My wife and I have two kids and at the end of any typical day of feeding ourselves and the kids, we might have seven or eight of these in our dish rack. We use these things all the time.

Hand Crafted Wooden Butter Knife

Spread it like you mean it with this wooden condiment spreader. 

- Handcrafted spreader set includes 4 utensils.
- Safe for kids learning to use knives.
- Use as soft cheese knives, dip spreaders, frosting spreaders, or stirrers.

Spread it once, spread it twice. Spread it with a hardwood knife!