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french rolling pin


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wood type
hard maple

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Excellent quality craftsmanship. This was my first time using a tapered French rolling pin. The pin is beautifully made, the wood is very smooth and my pastry doughs roll out smoothly with minimal force and without the need to cover it in flour. It is easy to clean and maintain. I am extremely happy with this purchase and look forward to purchasing some of the beautiful cooking utensils as well. BTW, Customer Service is excellent!

The Best Wooden Dough Roller

The elegant, contoured silhouette of our gorgeous wooden French rolling pin offers bakers the opportunity to create goods reminiscent of those found in Paris’s finest patisseries. This handmade tapered rolling pin gives an intimate baking experience where maneuverability and pressure regulation are essential. The ease with which this classic baker's pin performs will have you saying oui oui as you roll out thin, uniform fondant, pasta, or pizza dough.

This is our 20-inch French rolling pin and as you can see it is the widest in the middle tapered on both sides. That's what makes it a French rolling pin. There's a couple of benefits that you find with the French rolling pin that you don't get the regular old-school cylindrical rolling pin with handles. One of the problems with those is you've got a handle on those and those handles can fall off, they can get sticky, you can get stuff in there and they're usually attached with the screw and that screw can rust out over time. This is just simple there's no moving parts so you don't have any of that to worry about.That also makes it real easy to clean and easy to store as well. So this design we did not come up with just ourselves we worked with somebody on this and we worked with Christopher Kimball. You might know him he's the guy with the bow tie you've seen on cooking shows for years on TV and magazines. He's also running a magazine called Milk Street and a TV show actually called Milk Street right now. And he's just a leader in the cooking space all around and he came to us and wanted us to design a French rolling pin for him. So we came up with some designs we thought were great, we sent them to him , he sent them back and critiqued them for us. We sent him a new set he sent those back. We sent him a new set and he sent those back and we ended up with this shape right here. It's about an inch and a half thick in the middle tapers down to about 3/4 and we got the the angles of the taper and everything just how he liked them. And we're not going to argue with him because he's such a leader and he knows what works best. So that's how we came up with this wonderful design we know you're gonna love it. And if you haven't used a French rolling pin before they're quite nice to use. They've got the taper here so you can put the pressure on the right side roll it around a piece of dough or put the taper on the left side or you can run it like a regular pin and put plenty of pressure in the middle to flatten out whatever you're working on. So that is our 20-inch French rolling pin.

French Style Wood Rolling Pin for Baking

Roll your dough in style with our wooden French rolling pin. It's the best tapered rolling pin you'll ever get your hands on. Baking has never been this classy!

Constructed out of durable hardwoods, this French-style rolling pin is a favorite among amateur pastry chefs and patissiers alike. The tapered ends allow you to control and maneuver the pin so you’ll have perfectly rolled dough every time. Each pin is handcrafted from beautiful and unique woods. Natural variations in wood grain and structure mean that no two rolling pins are exactly the same.

- Developed in collaboration with Christopher Kimball
(the guy in the bow-tie) from Chris Kimball's Milk Street.
- Ideal for novice and experienced bakers alike.
- Agile, tapered design for maximum control and maneuverability.

Let the good times roll with Earlywood’s French Rolling Pin!

 size: 20 x 1.4 x 1.4