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Cooking Spoon Set


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Wooden Cooking Spoon Set

While we think our flat cooking utensils are the best thing since sliced bread... some customers over the years have asked for a more traditional cooking spoon. We wanted to fulfill that request, but take it to the next level! These new Cooking and Scraping Spoons are a functional combination of our favorite utensil traits all combined into one set. 

If you’re new to cooking, this is the perfect Earlywood set to start with. If you're a seasoned chef, you won't believe what you've been missing all these years!

Hey guys it's Brad from Earlywood here. In front of me, I've got maybe the last set of utensils you'll ever need to buy. This is our cooking spoon and our scraping spoon. It's got this elongated corner here which a makes the bowl bigger and gives you two different radiuses to scrape the inside of your pan. And we paired this with our scraper spoon, it's got this sharp front on it and you've got an inch and a half or so of scraping edge on it. We got the idea from our Tera Scraper and it's actually got the same angle and the same thickness of a tip there. So with the set you've got this larger radius, one even smaller and one real small. Of course it's made out of one solid piece of maple, so it's super strong. No matter what kind of pans you use these things will get in there and get everything out. Together they do almost everything in your kitchen. You can serve, you can stir, you can scoop, with the flat end on this you can scrape. It's flat and thin enough you can even chop with this. We know that you might be looking around our website and you're not sure what to get. This is a guarantee, you're never going to go wrong with this set. These two are right-handed we also make them in a left-handed version so if you're a lefty we got you covered there. So if you're not quite ready to stock out your kitchen with every gadget you can think of. Get these two spoons and your ninety percent of the way there.

Wood Cooking & Scraping Spoons Every Cook Needs

The thin flat front edge of the Scraper Spoon is perfect for sautéing, stir frying, and basically any kind of cooking. It clears a nice wide path in your pan. The Cooking Spoon offers a more functional design than grandma's old wooden spoon, that easily gets into the corners of all types of cookware and is able to move, stir and serve with grace. Here’s what’s included in each set: 

- 1 Cooking Spoon, strong enough for the thickest of doughs and batters.
- 1 Scraper Spoon, designed to scrape up fond, scoop and serve.
- The ideal starter set of heirloom-quality utensils.

We think it's the best 2-piece wood spoon set ever. Just sayin'...