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short server

The short server is the toughest wooden utensil in our collection. The 1-inch diameter handle makes gripping easy (even for arthritic hands, we hear) and the short design allows it to be used in small or shallow bowls. The bowl of this short wood spoon is wider and deeper than that of its cousin, the long server, which makes it the go-to tool for the thickest, heaviest, most-demanding serving situations.

- Sturdy hardwood craftsmanship.
- Made in Montana, USA.
- Thick handle for easy gripping.

Be it Taco Tuesday or a leftover extravaganza, the short server has you covered.

size: 8.5 x 3.5 x 1

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So this is the second-largest piece in the serving group. It's called the long server it's just a little bit shorter than the ladle, a little bit longer than the short server. It doesn't hold as much stuff but that's what makes it more useful. I'll go around with about four of these and just stick them in every single dish on the table. And they're great for serving anything, you know from noodles to lasagna to mashed potatoes or gravy (laughs) you know, anything like that, they're just a really handy. And this particular one in the bright red this is bloodwood, this wood is about three times harder than hard maple and hard maple is about as hard as wood can grow in the United States. The inspiration for this handle actually came from my favorite screwdriver. This has that cross section that's a triangular, surface on the top is a little bit bigger than the other two surfaces with this utensil you can actually hold it without looking at it and know which way the bowl is oriented. Though all you need to do is reach in grab it ends up in just an extremely comfortable handle and go about your serving.

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