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ultimate wooden utensil set


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ultimate wooden kitchen utensils set

Want to give a gift that screams, "I love you!"? This set is the way to go.  Maybe you just want one of everything we make to deck out your own kitchen and cook in style. This set is for you. Whether you need a unique gift, want to style your new home with sustainable goods or just treat yourself to a functional piece of art, this set offers the exceptional opportunity to invest in a lifetime of inspired cooking. 

This set has the perfect mix of cooking implements whether you’re an amateur home cook or an expert chef. From wooden spatulas, tasting spoons, to classic servers, cooking spoons, a coffee scoop and even the oil and wax to keep them in great shape. This bundle has everything you need to whip up delicious meals on the daily! 

Our over the top set of cooking utensils will inspire you to cook more. Each piece is handcrafted from durable hardwoods and designed to be fully functional.  This is the perfect balance of beauty and function that makes our wooden utensils stand out! 

the best wooden utensils for cooking

This "everything" set of our favorite heirloom utensils includes:

- 4 Large Flat Sautes (one in each wood type).
- 2 Original Tera Scrapers (perfect for cast-iron).
- 2 Big Tera Scrapers (bigger is sometimes better).
- 2 Large Spreaders (from cake frosting to peanut butter).
- 2 Long Spreaders (perfect for getting into deep jars).
- 1 Salad Servers (great for serving up big leafy greens).
- 1 Coffee Scoop (start your day off right).
- 1 Classic Ladle (a centerpiece for serving soup and chili).
- 1 Long Server (for serving everything else). 
- 1 Slotted Server (great for serving sides).
- 1 Short Server (perfect for rice and casseroles).
- 1 set of 2 tasting spoons (just plain fun).
- 1 Tongs (perfect for turning bacon and brats).
- 1 Cooking Spoon (stir the thickest of batters).
- 1 Scraper Spoon (scrape, stir, shop and serve). 
- 1 Wood Oil (penetrates deep to keep utensils looking great).
- 1 Wood Wax (bee's wax and mineral oil blend to seal out moisture). 
- 1 utensil holder of your choice (or not). 

Cook good food, share good food, eat good food.