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serving spoon set


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wood type
hard maple

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I have been eyeing these spoons for some time after buying the flat utensils. First spoon I used to ladle stew into bowls was the largest one. I thought: why did I wait so long to purchase these spoons The spoon fit so well in my hand and performs its ladle function very well. I highly recommend the set of spoons!

3-Piece Handmade Wooden Serving Spoon Set

Be the envy of your next dinner party with this heirloom quality...ALMOST too pretty to use...wooden serving spoon set. Handcrafted from durable hardwoods, each server in this set is a delight to hold and a wonderful addition to any kitchen. This bundle of three serving spoons is a great gift for any avid cook or frequent entertainer. 

This cooking spoon set includes our Classic Ladle which is the perfect blend of beauty and balance. The large bowl serves up the perfect amount of soups, stews, mashed potatoes, and more. We get more compliments on this ladle than we can count.

The Long Server is a stunning addition to your serving line up. It can handle large servings of all your side dishes with its comfortable triangular handle. This timeless piece will add a touch of class to any meal. 

Our Short Server has a sturdy design that works perfectly for scooping rice, quinoa, and other delicious sides. Its stout nature means it won't flip out of small or shallow bowls. The one-inch thick handle makes for easy gripping. 

These are just three classic Earlywood designs we've been making these and selling these for quite a while. It just took us years for some odd reason to realize that these go together and we should sell them as a set. So that's what you've got here the Serving Spoon Set, they've each got their own great uses you know... this little short guys fun for serving. It's actually got a really huge bowl on it. The bowl on this one is actually bigger than this one even though it's a smaller spoon. Perfect for rice, you know side dishes things like that. Then you've got your long server great for serving pretty much any side, any dish, even some thick soups and things that. Then you get the big daddy, the ladle great for soups, chili, stews, and whatnot. Some people even use these in their sauna for pouring water on their sauna. We make all of our big spoons in two different woods. This is the jatoba, everything's made out of one solid piece of course. And you know you've got Thanksgiving dinner, family coming over or you're having a party or whatever it is. You can just take these three out put them in three different dishes and your styling immediately. And speaking of styling... quit hiding those old beat up dirty old junky wooden spoons in your drawer. These things are not only made to be used but they're made to be looked at. They're heirloom quality, we want these things to be around so your grandkids can pass them on to their grandkids. So keep them out, you know. We make them so that you want to display these babies on your countertop and get some joy out of them that way as well. And we'll make sure you get a nice looking set before we send them out.

Set of Handmade Wooden Serving Utensils

This wooden spoon set will last more than a lifetime and can be handed down to your children's children. Keep all three wooden serving utensils to yourself or split them up for gifts. Here’s what you’ll love about them:

- Sturdy hardwood craftsmanship
- Hardwood serving spoons will last generations
- Made in Montana, USA
- Beautiful enough to display on your counters at all times

Soup for the soul and a wooden server for your bowl.