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mexican ebony

katalox (mexican ebony) board with cut end
sanded katalox (Mexican Ebony) sample
katalox (mexican ebony) shavings

Typically very dark black with hints of purple and the occasional light yellow edge. It's not only the unique color of this wood that makes it great for the kitchen. At 3660 on the Janka hardness scale, it is pretty much as hard as wood gets. This makes it essentially waterproof and unbreakable. It is typically used for flooring and decorative touches to fine woodworking projects. The ultra-dark color of Mexican Ebony will lighten at first, then darken over years of use. See our wood care section for tips on keeping your Mexican Ebony utensils looking just the way you like them.

Katalox (Mexican Ebony) growth region and tree size

Scientific Name: Swartzia
Other Names: Katalox
Hardness: 3,660 (Janka)
Does it Float?  Not a chance

What will your actual utensils look like you may ask? Wood is wood and can vary drastically, even within the same species. In fact, there is no telling what your specific piece is going to look like. Two different boards that came out of two different parts of two different trees that were two different ages and got two different amounts of sun and rain can, wait for it... look different! Here's some of the variations you might see in your Mexican Ebony utensils:

typical color variations in Katalox (Mexican Ebony)