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BIG tera scraper

The Best (Bigger) Wooden Spatula for Cast Iron

In regards to our classic Tera Scraper, we have heard "I wish it were a little bit longer" quite a few times. It got us wondering... so we started tinkering... We added three inches to the length, making it the same length as our Large Flat Saute and we added half an inch to the width. The result is our new Big Tera Scraper... and they are so sweet we just couldn't keep them to ourselves.

The new bigger tera, keeps your hand farther from heat and splatters, has more surface area for flipping, chopping and scraping, and keeps all of the same design elements that make the original Tera Scraper such a classic.

Earlywood scrapers are designed specifically for the toughest jobs your kitchen has to offer. We use our hardwood scraper utensils to get those delicious brown bits up while deglazing a pan or clean stubborn residue from skillets. The angled edge and hardwood construction are perfect for cast iron cooking or non-stick pans. Try using one to chop frozen ground beef or to cut and serve lasagna or desserts. The comfortable, rounded handle in combination with the flat, sharp tip allows you to put your weight behind this strong kitchen spatula, clearing a path no wooden spoon could manage.

The new Big Tera Scraper does everything that our classic Tera does... it's just a bit bigger. We are yet to find anything that the smaller scraper does that this one doesn't.

Angled Hardwood Kitchen Utensil for Cast Iron Skillet

You can’t go wrong with our newly designed utensil for cast iron, the Big Tera Scraper. It's pretty much perfect for use in cast-iron cookware. It's very effective in cleaning up after meals yet very gentle on your kitchenware. Get to know more about this tool below:

- Great for cleaning cast-iron pans.
- Sharp angled edge for the toughest scraping jobs.
- Smooth, comfortable width fits easily in the palm.
- Made from the hardest, most durable woods available.
- Gentle on non-stick, cast iron, and all other pans/skillets.

A kitchen utensil for people who mean business.

size: 13 x 2.75 x 0.5


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